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Translation services:

Translation is one of the arts that requires most dedication and talent, as the simplest text could be plagued with ambiguities.

Depending on the type of text, at BABELTRANS we select the most ideal translation avoiding the excessively literal that all too often shows a lack of language awareness.

servicios de traduccion



  • Commercial: web pages, offers, orders, brochures.
  • Economic: reports, annual accounts.
  • Legal: any law-related document.
  • Technical: - scientific: engineering, automotion, technical manuals, assembly instructions, scientific.
  • Medical: health care, pharmaceutical
  • Sworn: deeds, (birth) certifiates, letters of authorization, degrees.

Text revision

  • All translations include a final revision by an independent translator.
  • Proofreading of original documents upon the client's request.


  • Recordings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews